From Fake Mountains to Faith (Hungarian Trilogy)

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This is the second edition for  OFF-Biennale Budapest, and this platform provides an excellent model for alternative, protest, and subversive artistic and curatorial practices in the age of heightened nationalism…PtL


Artwork in Focus – OFF-Biennale Budapest special edition

OFF-Biennale Budapest is a grassroots, civil initiative, the largest contemporary art project of the art scene in Hungary in the last few years which is realized without applying for funding to the Hungarian state and without using state-run art institutions. After its first edition in 2015, the second OFF-Biennale Budapest is currently taking place, from September 29 to November 5, 2017, in various venues across the city. contributes with a program to OFF-Biennale this year too  and its online magazine platforms (in Hungarian) and serve as media partners of OFF-Biennale. dedicates its series of articles “Artwork in Focus” to works and projects presented at OFF-Biennale. The series looks at one artwork at a time, and it discusses the topics the particular pieces bring up.
Ágnes Patakfalvi-Czirják, anthropologist, researcher at the HAS Centre for Social Sciences Institute for Minority Studies, discusses the ongoing research project by artist Szabolcs KissPál, which draws parallels between Hungary’s official memory politics since 2010 and fascist-nationalist Horthy-era (1920-1944), pointing to close connections between the “Trianon” trauma after World War I and Hungary’s contribution to the Holocaust.


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