Copenhagen gets six meters tall statue of Christian IV in the middle of the city

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As this report included here below states, a new statue is in the planning stage for a six meter tall sculpture of King Christian IV in a central square in Copenhagen. This project appears to be an historical anomaly, in that statues to Kings in central public squares would seem to be a thing of the past, yet it apparently isn’t. As Patrizia Dogliani, an Italian historian once pointed out, the commemorative statues from WWI, pedestals decorated by cannon, cannon shells, mortars, rifles etc., fell out of fashion by the time another generation of civic monuments were erected to commemorate those who fell in WWII. These post war monuments abandoned the display of arms and other heroic symbols to feature predominately heroic acts, typically clusters of figures in some kind of theatrical embrace… This particular kingly statue in Copenhagen begs the question of private patrons and sponsors in today’s society, and although this thing would not have been odd for a bunch of burgers to propose 400 years ago, certainly this effigy brings up the question of what constitutes symbolic public art in today’s modern urban context.

thanks to NANNA BALSLEV STRØJER for alerting me to this news item.


google translation (not the best)

There are plans to raise a six meter tall statue of Christian IV in Copenhagen at the square in front of the Børsen next to Christiansborg next year.
From the top of a reverse roundabout in front of the stock exchange, Christian IV (1577-1648) from next year will look beyond Copenhagen, as a developer, he helped to put his mark on.

In the spring of 2019, the municipality of Copenhagen estimates that it will be time to consecrate an almost six meter high sculpture in the bronze and granite of the king, which among other things gave the Copenhageners Round Tower, Børsen and Rosenborg Castle.

The work is expected to be completed in about a year, so that the monument can be convened in spring 2019 with expected royal participation, “it says.

The statue has been a long way since the committee in 2010 said yes to it with a location in front of Børsen.

However, its appearance and location has been the subject of discussion.

The whole glory costs about 1.8 million kroner and is funded by private contributions collected by a committee who for a number of years has worked to get another statue of Christian IV to stand in Copenhagen. The committee counts good people like Bertel Haarder (V) and Per Stig Møller (K). There is already a statue of the king made by H.W. The bishop of Nyboder, as Christian IV also helped to build.

However, the Copenhageners themselves will be responsible for the attachment of the new royal state in front of Børsen, owned by Dansk Erhverv. In addition, it costs about 30,000 tax crowns in a lump sum to get it up.

The Faroese artist Hans Pauli Olsen has designed the sculpture. He describes how the round tower formed in granite constitutes the socket, which is thus integrated into the sculpture, while the rest of it is made in bronze.

He explains that the king is going to throne on the top of the work as a man of power in all his power. Big, strong and hard about life. And with braid. But no blow to the eye.

He adds that the tower from Rosenborg, the tower from Børsen and from the Round Tower represents some of the most distinctive buildings from the time of the king.

But is it not strange that they turn their heads?

“Yes, you can say that. But it may be a bit different, “he says.

“In fact, you can not see the three buildings together at once.”

Hans Pauli Olsen explains how he works a lot with mirrors, and how the converted elements of the sculpture can also be seen as a kind of reflections in water.

Member of the departing visual art committee, Jens-Kristian Lütken (V), does not mean that there should be a statue in front of the stock exchange just opposite Christiansborg.

“In general, be careful about what you put up in the city. Especially if it has a deconstructed expression like in this case where it does not fit in, “he says:

“This area is best in the fact that there is no statue coming up, so there is the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful building.”

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