Stockholm Monument and Memory

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Despite the overly celebratory headline, the following article brings up some of the challenges of inventing a specific memorial for a purposely targeted audience, based on a focused database.

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“The Stockholm Holocaust memorial – A restoration of human dignity and a warning against inhumanity

The Local contributor Victoria Martínez looks at the story behind Stockholm’s Holocaust memorial, an attempt to give victims back their identities.

“Next to Berzelii Park in Stockholm is a memorial to approximately 8,500 European Jews who died at the hands of the Nazis during World War II. Covering an entire wall within the courtyard of Stockholm’s Great Synagogue, each of the individuals listed on The Monument to the Memory of the Holocaust Victims was a relative of a survivor who avoided extermination and settled in Sweden.

“The monument is meant to serve as symbolic tombstones for those who have no marked graves. It is an attempt to give the victims back their personal identity, and dignity, which the Nazis and their accomplices tried so hard to obliterate,” said Roman Wroblewski, a second-generation Holocaust survivor who conceived the idea for the monument in autumn 1993.

Like the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington D.C., the Stockholm Holocaust memorial is a name monument, a type that lists the names of individuals who were killed in the same general timeframe and location. In several respects, however, the Stockholm Holocaust memorial is unique.

“What is distinctive about the memorial in Stockholm is that the victims’ places of origin are spread all over Europe, while the places of death are so few,” said Wroblewski. As a medical scientist with a keen sense of the importance of statistics and analysis, Wroblewski knew that including this information on the monument he envisioned was a crucial part of imparting depth and meaning to the fate of the victims.

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