The Agonistic Body Workshop and Exercise:


no. 1 The Public Memory Tour

Link to video of event here:
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From Oxford:
Elina Rimikis
Shahgari Ramachandran
Emily Wright

From Sarajevo
Adil Glavović

From KKH
Orestis Nikolaidis
Anna Asplind
Carlota Jerez
Guillermo S. Arsuaga


Hello everybody. My name is Guillermo Arsuaga Sanchez.
Welcome to the wonderful public memory tour of the Skenderija complex in Sarajevo. Me and my colleague will guide you on this wonderful experience around the past, present, and future of Skenderija.


  • –  Hello. My name is Carlota Jerez Villaverde and I will be your guide for theafternoon.
  • –  Our Skenderija tour includes:

no. 2 Biblioteka

A reclaiming of public space in the city of Sarajevo #youarewelcome

The Manifesto:



Carin Bergstrom Linder

Ela Celary
Ciaran Gallen
Gabrielle Iwelumo
Smirna Kulenović
Dunja Krvavac
Vesna Salamon
Mauro Tosarelli
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The Reading Square /  Čitajući Trg:



I, Skenderija, 01/11/2017

Part II.

Screen Shot 2017-12-20 at 21.44.52
image copyright of Dunja Krvavac.


II, Skenderija, 08/11/2017

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BOOKS AGAIN supports project
Collecting ART Books for the first Art/Design/Architeture Library in Sarajevo at BRODAC Gallery!!!


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Screen Shot 2017-11-28 at 11.14.50

Research-Lab ( Royal Institute of Arts, Stockholm) visited Sarajevo this autumn and had the chance to meet activists and artists from Brodac that are about to create the first public art/architecture/design library in Sarajevo. We have been inspired by their work and struggles and want to contribute to this important project and invite everyone to join us too!
Come on Monday 20.11.2018 to the Royal institute of Arts, Stockholm ( Mellan rumet ) and bring books about art, architecture and design to share with Brodac art gallery .
There will be also an event with video, documentation and wine as some small snacks. Donations for the transport of the books are very welcome. We are looking forward to see you and spread the word in your networks! SHARE!
After being renovated in 2014, Vijećnica building started being used as a City Hall and VIP events rental space. It has been functioning as a National Library in the 20th century, marked by the destruction in the war (1992) when flames destroyed more than 2 millions of books. Brodac gallery is situated in the street next to Vijećnica, therefor having a perfect location to create an alternative library as a memorial space. But this time – concentrated on the future of the city by making a free and open educational zone available to all ciziens.

You can also send books directly to Brodac Gallery by yourself or start an own initiative!
Send them with a short message (your name and motivation to
take part in this books-raising event). Or simply come to the gallery!

Send to:

Brodac Gallery
Brodac 4
Sarajevo, 71000
Bosnia and Herzegovina



no 3. Non-Existing Sports

Non Existing Sports group:

Matleena Laine, Chhavi Mehta, Sammy-Jo Hagan, Charis Boulton Francesca Leonardi

Manifesto of non-existing sport club

We are the non-existing sport club and we just found our club here in Skenderija, an historical sport centre born in 1969 and then revitalized to host the 1984 Olympics. In this “temple” of institutional sports we decided to open our non-institutional club.

What is defined as a sport is indeed culturally and nationally based, so it changes from one year to another and from country to country. This club is intended, on the opposite, to host every kind of community-based activity that finds expression in a game or in a practice relevant to who plays it. We do not like rules and definitions, we want you to define and play with your own rules.

What we want is to give space to sports outsiders. We want to offer a place of existence for all the missing possibilities that institutional sports committees do not see. We are the enthusiasts of all the prohibited, impossible and utopian sports a person can do or think of. We believe in the agonistic use of the space, also as a discussion space. We value the margins, we blur the lines between games, hobbies, social practices and sports to make evident is the bigger frame.

A non-existing sport is a sport not yet recognized officially – for cultural, political or economic reasons. It is a game played at agonistic level. It is a social practice that has become so viral -and sometimes dangerous- that it can be assumed to be a global sport. It is also an impossible, non-sense, utopian or dystopian practice – what in the end can be defined as meaningful? Finally, it is a not yet existing or invented sport, it is a possibility still to come.

We are the non-recognized agonists of binge watching, sand castle building, marbles, hide and seek, mini golf, Risk, darts, pilates, skimming stones, paintball.

And we want you all to join us.



no. 4. Sorry about the legs

Lucas Docherty,
Marc Francis,
Marija Milosevic,
Barney Newton
Bo Pilo
We were four archeologists who discovered the lower half of a marble sculpture in an excavation in the old olympic center Skenderija. To celebrate the discovery and present it to the people of Sarajevo we took the legs out for a walk through the city. The documentation of the event was exhibited in a temporary space on top of the discovery site. To celebrate the exhibition the legs were taken for a commemorative walk of the first walk, this time from the Kriterion cinema to the exhibition space. When we arrived the legs were installed, first on the ground outside and then, finally, inside. BP
no 5. Kurtains



From the Archive: 1984.

IMG_8946 Sarajevo 1984 Book.